SOBERTON residents are still watching diggers and heavy vehicles turn a meadow into a trailer park.

Nick Butler recently resumed work at the greenspace off Dradfield Lane and a trench has now been dug through the length of the field.

Winchester City Council are yet to renew its expired notice which forced the development to stop. A permanent enforcement notice does not take effect until July 24, or later if an appeal is issued.

One disgruntled resident, who asked not to be named, told the Chronicle: "It remains unclear whether the council will revisit its position in the light of the continuing works.

"I have pointed out to the council that it is dismal that the they have left the site without any legal protection since the temporary stop notice expired, and before the enforcement notice can take effect – particularly given the efforts of residents to persuade the council to take available precautionary measures.

"Over the last week they have repeatedly been alerted to these resumed activities by local residents."

Central Meon Valley councillor Victoria Weston added: "It is disappointing that despite engagement with Winchester City Council planning and enforcement officers, a temporary stop notice issued and then on June 19 an enforcement notice issued to take effect on July 24 to restore the land to its former condition, that major work is still happening on this site.

"Residents remain hopeful that officers will take the necessary action promptly to prevent further changes to the land without consented permissions."

She also pointed out that more than two million acres of grassland has been lost in Britain over the last 25 years, equivalent to the area of Suffolk and Sussex together.

"It would be interesting to establish how much grassland has been lost in the Winchester District over the last 25 years," she added.