SIR: Speeding vehicles, including motorbikes with illegally modified exhausts, are an increasing problem on our rural roads. Indeed, both myself and others have written on this topic to your publication on many occasions.  

It is clear that a range of solutions need to be deployed to address this and make our beautiful area undesirable for those who feel the need to drive at dangerous speeds or selfishly destroy the tranquillity of the South Downs. Technology will increasingly have a part to play here, including the use of acoustic cameras that measure excessive noise and identify the vehicle emitting it.  

One option being explored elsewhere in the country is the use by councils of two types of community orders, called PSPOs or CPNs.   These measures are intended to restrict specific behaviour which is anti-social or causing a nuisance in the local area. The powers to use these are available to councils such as Winchester City and East Hants. They could be implemented to prevent vehicles emitting noise above specified levels, with first a warning and then fines for breaches, rising with each repeat of the offence; these could be enforced by the use of the new acoustic cameras, which should be at the very least self-financing and may even be income generative.  

Will the two councils consider their use, maybe working together for the benefit of rural residents?

Hugh Lumby,

City councillor,

Upper Meon Valley ward,

High Street,