SIR: Recent editions of your newspaper have reported the suspension of Cllr Clementson from the Conservative Party. All political parties in the UK have a mechanism to deal with complaints.

Recognising the seriousness of the allegation made against this councillor the matter has been the subject of a rigorous investigation by staff at the party’s national headquarters.

Your readers can be re-assured that I and my fellow officers in this association have been in contact with those carrying out the work, with the clear aim of ensuring that the process is completed as soon as possible.

It is unfortunate that coronavirus ‘lockdown’ has disrupted and delayed reaching a decision. That said, I am glad that a proper process is being followed to ensure that an outcome based on facts and not one based on assumptions and speculation is achieved.

Neil Lander-Brinkley,


Meon Valley Conservative Association,

Thompsons Lane,