HE WENT missing for nine months without leaving a paw print – but now this beloved pet has returned home to his family.

Brian, a six-year-old white cat with tabby patches, disappeared in October.

Twyford resident Emma Dipper said her partner Stu and two children, ten-year-old Elsie-May and Dougie, eight, expected to never see him again.

"He has moved with me to numerous different houses and never gone missing, although he loves to be outside," she said.

"I notified local vets, pet log who he is microchipped with, posted pics on various sites on Facebook and searched all over Twyford with no luck.

"Eventually my partner Stu and I came to the conclusion Brian’s adventurous streak had got him in trouble and he had passed away."

On July 2, the family who live in Dolphin Hill spotted a disheartening Facebook post.

"I noticed a post saying a cat with a similar description to Brian had been found deceased on a road going out of Twyford. I went and viewed the cat at Mildmay Vets and it was not Brian.

"This experience spurred me on to post again about Brian on Facebook in the vain hope someone may have some info. Amazingly the response I got was incredible."

Ms Dipper continued: "The lovely people from Parchment Street started sending me pictures and videos of what was without doubt my Brian. It appears he had been cared for by numerous people in Parchment Street and beyond – even being fed by Kyoto Kitchen and the chippy.

"I went with my friend Mary to call for him on Tuesday night with no luck, I went again on Wednesday night with my partner called him and he ran to me, let me pick him up and take him home.

"We never expected to see him again. I can only assume he jumped in someone’s vehicle to make that journey."

Brian is now back with the family, who have had him since he was a kitten.

"Brian is a very special cat," said Ms Dipper.

"Extremely affectionate and he just touches your life when you meet him. I now know for certain that is not just my bias as the residents of Parchment Street had all grown to love him and his enchanting ways.

"Me and my family will be eternally grateful to them."