SIR: I walked down North Walls this week on the way to Winnall and it was nice not to have to be so close to the cars. There is a temporary barrier and space between us, one lane has been closed off. It feels safer and the exhaust fumes don’t engulf you.

On the way back I visited the Market now situated in Middle Brook Street car park. It is a different but pleasant shopping experience with the same characters and ample space to move around safely. I hope more people will return as shopping builds in the city. City centre car parks encourage driving into the city centre so shutting it will encourage greater use of the other car parks which are under used.

I support the work Martin Tod has been doing to get these measures, along with the lane closure in Jewry Street and the forthcoming change to Hyde Street approved by Winchester and Hampshire councils. I would like see further changes focussing on areas like the dual carriageway (St George’s Street) that runs through the centre of town and more cycle infrastructure including building secure cycle storage. I was dismayed to see a net loss of storage with the St Maurice Covert upgrade.

I know these measures are temporary but we could, in time, make them permanent. It is right to try them out, slowly changing the priority from cars back to people. Winchester is a lovely city but is currently swamped by cars and pollution and can’t truly be appreciated.

Giles Gooding,

Winchester Green Party,

Fordington Avenue,



SIR: Why is Winchester City Council wasting our money on bollards in Jewry Street and North Walls?

Two metres separation was always going to go so what is the point of this pavement widening? Passing someone briefly at a smaller distance has no real risk. Just hold your breath for a few seconds whilst passing if you are worried. I did not see many pedestrians and not a single cyclist using this or the similar one in The Avenue, Southampton this week. All I saw was traffic jams that they cause.

Edward Chase MA(Cantab),

Sloe Lane,