SIR: Whilst I fully support efforts to encourage more walking and cycling, these actions also have significant negative consequences. It is extremely disappointing that alternatives to the full closure of Hyde Street have been ignored.

With the closure of Hyde Street the volume of speeding traffic along Worthy Lane has, as predicted, massively increased. This has led to more vehicles filtering into Andover Road and the notorious Albion Junction pinch point.

Last year when Hyde Street was closed for repairs, morning and evening traffic was backed up as far as Arthur Road on a daily basis, and as traffic volumes grow with the easing of lockdown measures this is likely to be seen again.

In addition, Hyde Church Lane which cuts through from Hyde Street to Worthy Lane has now become much more hazardous to pedestrians as a rat run for local traffic in Hyde that can no longer exit into North Walls.

I fully understand the Council's desire to try to manage social distancing where pavements are narrow but the complete closure of Hyde Street to achieve this is completely inappropriate and I think that Councillor Tod's view that's there will be some losers as a result is unacceptable.

There are plenty of examples of the successful introduction of 'one-way pavements' in other countries as well as by Councils in this country. You don't have to go as far as Denmark to see these in action. Nearer to home Oxford and Marlow have both introduced one-way pavements to help promote social distancing for pedestrians in town centres during the COVID crisis. As well as being far less unsightly, such an approach would be far more effective in outcome and avoid the harmful consequences of a single road closure.

Steve Harbourne,

Worthy Lane,


I am concerned that the closure of Hyde Street at the junction of North Walls will lead to an increase in traffic pollution in an area which already has unacceptably high levels.

I understand the decision was made on the basis that Hyde Street has a high number of pedestrians using it, and its closure will allow for greater social distancing, as well as lowering the traffic flows into North Walls.

However, as traffic increases on the surrounding roads as it has to navigate around this closure, so too will congestion and pollution from queuing vehicles. Queuing traffic is proven to cause up to twice as much pollution as free flowing traffic.

The closure of Hyde Street is simply not required as it is a very quiet road in terms of pedestrians, it has pavements running down both sides if people do need to keep apart, and the traffic which needs to travel down North Walls will continue to do so regardless of this closure, but by taking a longer route. This will cause unnecessary additional congestion in the surrounding area. The closure of Hyde Street last year for road works has already demonstrated the impact of this, which created significant traffic queues down both Andover Road and Worthy Lane, adding around an additional 20 minutes to journey times in peak periods. These extend queues and the increased pollution, will return as traffic returns to normal levels.

One of the key council priorities is to reduce pollution, and it is not acceptable to put in place a scheme which actually increases it. I would urge the council to reconsider its decision and to focus its efforts and tax payers money on much more worthy causes at this time.

Paul Mackie,

Worthy Lane,


SIR: I refer particularly to the story "Road to be closed to through traffic" in your edition of June 18.

I can understand why the "North Walls" road is being split for the benefit of cars and bicycles/pedestrians - and still "One Way". In principle, a good move. BUT, such "closure" will inevitably bring about more grid-lock situations. Where does all the traffic entering the city from Stockbridge, Andover, Basingstoke and Alresford go ? There is no "Park and Ride" facility on any of those roads ; the only ones are still only on the South side of the city. Clearly the "bigpicture" is again being bypassed. For this system to have any chance of success, many signs will have to be placed to direct traffic to appropriate places. Thus the case for a "By Pass" of the city (West side and North) is reinforced - and there is no mention of the work to be carried

out at Junction 9 on the M3, and it's implications!

Lovedon Lane. Currently there is much traffic using this road, and too much of it is travelling too fast. I would suggest that a restriction of 30mph should apply from the junction with the A 33 right through to the junction with Springvale Road.

I. J. Holmes,

Mortimer Close,

Kings Worthy