MANY of the world's sporting events have fallen victim to coronavirus – but not at Kings' School.

Teachers in the PE department were determined to host the annual Sports and Olympiad Legacy Day.

Pupils, staff, family members and even their pets were set the challenge of completing track and field events and games in their homes and gardens.

The school community rose to the task and despite the wet weather, there were hundreds of online entries across running, throwing and jumping disciplines that had been adapted to suit a more domestic setting. On the following day the school commemorated the London 2012 Olympics by playing adapted sports such as tennis, hockey, football, volleyball and cycling.

The coveted Sports Day House trophy was awarded to Tudor House, led by Miss Thorp.

It was present for the final time by retiring Headteacher, Mr Matthew Leeming.

He said: “Sports and Legacy Days are two of the very best days of our school year – pupils enjoy them at the time and remember them for years – it was just unthinkable that we let lockdown defeat us.

"I am immensely grateful to the adults who made the events possible and to the pupils who made them so successful.”