A GROUP of young scouts were given a tour of Parliament – without travelling to London.

MP Steve Brine hosted the online event and showed the 12th Winchester Green Jackets around via a webcam.

The youngsters, who had tuned in from home using Zoom, were able to ask questions and even show Mr Brine some of their tricks.

Leader Ian Plummer said to the MP: "The cubs have now got used to the weekly sessions they are having on Zoom and it is really nice when we can have external guests to widen their knowledge and help them to achieve different aspects of their badge work even with all the constraints that we are living with.

"It was enlightening to hear their questions and well done for providing answers that kept them engaged, especially some of their more unusual thoughts and concerns. As expected, there were a lot of questions about coronavirus and when they can all get back to their sports and other activities that require the removal of social distancing so it was nice to hear your personal views on this.

"We hope you enjoyed the magic pen trick that was expertly demonstrated and also witnessing one of our volunteer leaders being awarded her wood beads to become a fully fledged leader in probably the first ever virtual awards ceremony of its type for cubs."

Mr Brine hopes to visit the group headquarters in Winnall when lockdown eases.

He said: "It was huge fun to join the 12th Winchester and to answer their questions. You tend to think you’ve done it all but then along comes something completely different.

“As well as having a lively chat, and seeing a rather wonderful magic show from one of the boys, they also got a virtual tour of a rather empty Portcullis House in Westminster.

“The scouts are a wonderful organisation that remain a real force for good in our society. I loved my time in the movement and recently found out, while writing the eulogy for my dad’s funeral, that he was a Queens Scout so it all means a lot to me.”