THEY may be on opposite sides of the world – but these two artists have come together to help people through lockdown.

Australian Filmmaker Chris Lewis and Winchester composer David Perry teamed-up around to create PURE Soundbath.

The film has been designed to calm lockdown nerves as well as inspire people to travel when possible again.

Mr Perry, who usually runs 'Soundbaths' gigs where guests lie down and listen to his music, said: "Music can touch more of our mind than just about anything else. And it means even more right now.

"People had enjoyed immersing themselves in music at my Soundbaths but they are impossible to stage at the moment. I could share Soundbath music online, sure, but could I offer music as part of a similar, total experience? A place to go if you like.

"Somewhere relaxing. Chris’ gentle film, through the most stunning panoramas, under bright blue waves, did it for me. I’d drift off. Forget. Just for a while."

David is best-known for his charting 2017 album Three Wings featuring Winchester College’s Quirister boys.

He met Chris, a cameraman for broadcaster ABC in Geraldton, Western Australia, on Twitter.

The music for the film was recorded in binaural sound to replicate the surround sound of the gigs.

The photography includes underwater shots, with some underneath waves, as well as drone panoramas.

It was largely shot in Merimbula, New South Wales.

The hour-long film is available to buy or rent on Vimeo.