Badger Farm

20/00985/HOU, Adeel Raja, ground floor extension, Badger Lodge, 50 Elder Close.

Bishop's Waltham

20/01140/TPO, John Frampton, various tree works, Pinewood, Winchester Road.

20/01172/TPO, Linda Hornett, tree works, The Timbers, Bank Street.

Colden Common

20/01145/TPO, Debbie Harding, tree works, Street Record, St Vigor Way.

20/01147/TPO, Debbie Harding, tree works, area between Vears Lane East and Lime Close.

20/01150/TPO, Debbie Harding, tree works, area known as North Pond between right of way 11, Vears Lane West and Hawthorn Close.

20/01154/TPO, Debbie Harding, tree works, Street Record, St Vigor Way.

Compton and Shawford

20/00976/HOU, James Ward-Prowse, single-storey side extension to utility room to form new home gymnasium, Lansdowne House, Fairfield Road, Shawford.

20/01144/TPO, Tom Foyle, tree works, 21 Laura Close, Compton.


20/00979/HOU, Victoria Wise, single-storey side extension including removal of existing conservatory and brick shed, Glebe House, Littleton Road.


20/00978/HOU, Dave Willis. internal alterations to existing dwelling resulting in changes to fenestration (windows). Walls rendered. First floor attic rooms - 2 no. flat roof dormers added. Garden machinery store/double garage/log store added to south elevation, Brantwood Stables, Brantwood Orchard, Wangfield Lane.


20/00925/HOU, Sophie Xerri, single-storey rear extension, alteration of fenestration to elevations, material change to all elevations, Copt Heath, Hambledon Road.

20/00971/FUL, Mr Williams, demolition of existing garage and link and construction of two detached dwellings with associated parking and landscaping, car port, detached single garage and single-storey side extension to existing dwelling, Sheko, Hambledon Road.

20/01162/TPO, Cathy Devonport, tree works, Echo Wood, Southwick Road.

Itchen Stoke and Ovington

20/00964/HCS, Sam Dumbrell, demolition of existing agricultural building; erection of new winery building; new access road; parking; landscaping; and associated works at land at Folly Hill, Folly Hill Lane, Itchen Stoke (with part of the application within South Downs National Park), Field at Folly Hill Farm, Folly Hill Lane.

Littleton and Harestock

20/00908/HOU, Mr and Mrs Cox, ground floor rear extension, 1 Pitter Close.

20/01018/LDP, Mr and Mrs Emmett, replacement rear conservatory, 126 Priors Dean Road, Harestock.

20/01142/TPO, Mrs Louisa Stafford, pollard Lime tree situated in back garden, 10 The Hall Way, Littleton.


20/00899/HOU, James Morton, extensions, Highways House, London Road.

New Alresford

20/00946/HOU, Mr and Mrs Mayes, replacement of existing garden outbuilding, Highwood, 22 Rosebery Road.

Old Alresford

20/00913/FUL, Mr and Mrs E Hunter Smart, construction of extension to existing barn (approved to be used for ancillary residential use), Fobdown Farm, Abbotstone Road, Fobdown.

20/00914/FUL, Mr and Mrs E Hunter Smart, construction of swimming pool on land approved to be used for residential use / garden, Fobdown Farm, Abbotstone Road, Fobdown.

Oliver's Battery

20/00975/FUL, Mr and Mrs Howlett, amendments to external materials. Additional sun tunnels to roof. Minor amendments to internal layout. (20/00090/HOU), 123 Oliver's Battery Road South.


20/00916/HOU, David Gardener, erection of garden log cabin suspended along the rear elevation due to sloping ground and existing trees/vegetation (amended proposal), Oakwood, Church Road.

20/01089/FUL, Linda Warren, extend ports pavilion, Recreation Ground, Sports Pavillion, Upper Church Road.


20/00815/FUL, Mr J Barney, external alterations to buildings following grant of prior approvals, Selhurst Poultry Farm, Heath Road.

South Wonston

20/01171/TPO, Daniel Phelps, fell ash tree, 9 Cloudbank.


20/01186/TPC, Christopher Tovey, tree works, Mayfield House, Home Lane.


20/00970/FUL, Tom Francis, demolition of existing buildings and redevelopment to provide x32 residential units (net additional x31) (Use Class C3), Belmont Farm, The Lakes.

20/01024/HOU, Tina Farmer, edging via railway sleepers to front and side lawn (from 250mm-750mm in height to follow land slope; 100mm from pavement), Ivernia, 10 Spring Lane.


20/01133/HOU, John Payne, single-level oak frame barn-type building to accommodate a gym, a family garden room and storage, Birch Glade, Hill Coppice Road.


20/01136/LDC, Jardin Smith International Pte Ltd, partial excavations and laying of foundation works for internal access road of solar farm approved under 16/00863/FUL. Certificate of Lawfulness is sought as proof permission has been implemented prior to it expiring May 3 2020, land adjacent to Moorshill Farm, Fontley Road, Titchfield.

Winchester Town

20/00896/FUL, John Chasey, three-bedroom house, land next to Brinkhill, Winton Close.

20/00949/FUL, Mr Nick Petford and Ms Gina Cherrett, material amendments to application no 18/01432/FUL to amend conditions, The Corner House, 15 Bereweeke Close, Weeke.

20/00957/HOU, Sian Eckersley, single-storey extension to garage, including roof alterations (amendment to approved ref 18/02567/HOU), 5 Sermon Road, Weeke.

20/00963/LDP, Alex Bennet, ground floor extension and loft conversion, 46 Hatherley Road, Fulflood.

20/00987/HOU, Mr and Mrs Cluett, hip-to-gable loft conversion including installation of a flat roof dormer to the rear elevation & 2No roof-lights to the front elevation, to form additional habitable space, 2 Egbert Road, Hyde.

20/00996/HOU, Tom Oldroyd, rear two-storey extension to property and garden room at end of garden, Holly Tree Cottage, Park Road.

20/01004/FUL, 20/01005/LIS, Mr and Mrs P Kerwood, two-storey side extension to south elevation, first floor side extension to north elevation, alterations to fenestration within west elevation, rebuilding of existing boundary wall, Freelands, 30 St Cross Road.

20/01118/AVC, Robert McGregor, twox totems/wayfinding signs, Garrison Ground, Bar End Road.

20/01139/FUL, Messrs (no futher details provided, vary condition 2 on application 18/02261/REM to revise landscape scheme to match site plan approved under 20/00453/FUL, 59-63 Spencer House, Romsey Road, West Hill.

20/01151/TPC, Nick Baker, tree works, 6 Chestnut Mead.

20/01159/TPC, Mrs Patton, tree works, Waynflete House, 25 St Swithun Street.

20/01160/TPC, Burrows (no further details), tree works, 60 St Johns Street.

20/01165/TPO, Mr Smith, tree works, 30 Dean Lane, Teg Down.

20/01168/TPC, Mr and Mrs Madden, tree works, 62 Canon Street.

20/01170/HOU, Mr and Mrs Jolyon Nott, replacement two-storey side extension following demolition of utility room and garage. Extension and alteration to first floor layout, fenestration and windows. Construction of new driveway and off road parking, 159 Greenhill Road, Fulflood.


20/01146/TPC, Richard Barker, tree works, 3 Millers Yard, Sutton Scotney.