A LANDOWNER will be forced to reverse his development work at a Meon Valley meadow.

As previously reported, Nick Butler faced backlash from Soberton residents after installing and living in a converted trailer in Dradfield Lane.

Winchester City Council now plan to replace a temporary stop notice with a permanent enforcement.

Mr Butler has three months from July 24 to remove all trailers, vehicles and drainage pipes – and must restore the land to how it was before the breach of planning control.

Angus McCullough, of Southend Lane, told the Chronicle: "There is a continuing concern that the current temporary stop notice expires this week, but the enforcement notice does not take effect until July 24, and only if an appeal has not been launched before then.

"Local residents have asked the council to confirm as a matter of urgency that a further stop notice will be served to prevent works continuing in the meantime. A response is awaited."

Mr McCullough added that the work already completed has damaged the meadow.

"The gated site entrance is now placed in a gap in the hedge that has been expanded to about 18 metresd, involving extensive destruction of a protected hedgerow at the height of the bird nesting season.

"Before this, the access point was via an agricultural field gate at the same point, some three metres wide, as shown below before the works. There has therefore been hedgerow destruction of about 15 metres, of an ancient and ecologically important hedge, that is a known breeding site of the rare and protected Brown Hairstreak butterfly, as well as countless nesting birds.

"I am awaiting the Council’s response as to what action they intend to take in the light of this clear breach of the Hedgerows Regulations 1997."