CHILDREN from the Poppins Carroll Centre nursery have had the chance to explore the new woodland walk in Stanmore, which opens fully this week.

A joint project between the Carroll Centre and city council, the walk has turned a neglected wooded slope into an imaginative outdoor area for the local community.

“It is perfect for the children,” says nursery head Eloisa Broadbent, “as they are much safer and healthier outdoors in the current situation. While remaining in their small group bubbles they were able to clamber all over the wooden structures and discover the story-telling circle and den-building space.”

The project was dreamed up by Jool Heller-Dixon, centre director, along with Susan Lord, WCC’s outdoor recreation officer. “We couldn’t be more pleased by how it has turned out,” Ms Heller-Dixon said. “It’s a perfect place for local families to stroll around and enjoy nature, and seeing the children so excited by it is wonderful.”