PLANS to build 32 new homes in Swanmore have been met with backlash from local residents.

Tom Francis is seeking Winchester City Council's permission to develop at Belmont Farm, The Lakes, after he has demolished the existing buildings.

The application was publicly posted on June 10 and has already received seven objections.

Roisin Smith of 72 Springvale has written: "With ongoing issues with getting our children to school in safe manner how will local schools and amenities cope with extra families?

"What about safe access to the road so children can be safe near schools? What about other local amenities – what is being put in place for these?

"How are we to keep our village status with the rate of growth? What is being put in place for local clubs?"

The city council's housing team have also opposed the plans due to a lack affordable housing.

A statement from them says: "It should be noted that this is application is part of an area which has been allocated in the Winchester Local plan and as such it is expected that all the policies set out in the plan should be adhered to including the ones on affordable housing which receives a very high priority in that plan.

"Affordable housing on this site would be made available for all 1,364 households that were in housing need and on the Winchester part of the Hampshire Home Choice register at the end of March 2020 and would not be limited to those with a connection to Swanmore.

"It is recognised that the Winchester District is large and that households are reluctant to move to an area away from that where they have been residing. It is still noted that there are 73 households on the register and in housing need that would like to live close to Bishop's Waltham.

"These households could be assisted by some affordable housing at Belmont Farm."

The Chronicle has contacted Swanmore Parish Council and awaits a response.