ALL FIVE of Winchester's peregrine chicks are alive and well – which experts are describing as a "triumph".

The young falcons who hatched in April have recently been learning to use their wings around the city.

Keith Betton, chairman and county recorder for Hampshire Ornithological Society, told the Chronicle: "I set a challenge to all the local bird photographers to take photos of each bird so that I could mark them all off – and I can confirm that all five are alive and well.

"That is indeed a triumph. Mostly they have been sitting around the cathedral but there are quite a few play-fights going on which is a way that the young peregrines can hone their skills.

"The chicks are now clearly different sizes (the females are the big ones) and so some are bigger than Chester."

Chester is the father of the chicks.

Mr Betton added: "We have not seen him for a while so we are hoping he is okay. Male peregrines are often not seen much after the chicks have fledged, and the female does most of the food provision because she can catch larger prey."