A WINCHESTER resident is allowed to extend his home despite concerns for an unwell neighbour.

Ian Gallaher was seeking the city council's permission to build a single storey rear extension at 30 Monks Road.

The plans, which received 12 public objections, were given the green light at a committee meeting on June 18.

This wasn't before the nine councillors heard from Richard Barkwill who lives next door.

He said: "My wife Cheryl and I have owned and lived at Monks Road since 1991, we brought up our son here through the local schools and we feel pleased to be part of the Hyde neighbourhood and community.

"Our back room faces south onto our own garden and those of our neighbours and we use this as our main living space. My wife has been unwell and mainly house-bound for many years.

"We feel that the plans are overbearing to our living room – as if we would be hemmed in and lose a lot of light. On behalf of twelve objectors, we hope alternative plans will be considered."

Mr Gallaher responded: "To say we loved Winchester would be an understatement. When we first bought the house the estate agent made it very clear that it would be a renovation project.

"To date, we are the only home in the area that has not been extended. Believe me, we are very aware of the conservation area and have always been very considerate of the rules.

"An extension of the same height was approved just eight doors down from us and we believe this will not detriment our neighbours.

"We are not looking to set a new planning precedent – we just want to restore the house to its former self."

The plans were approved with eight councillors agreeing, and one abstaining from the vote.

Case officer Catherine Watson agreed the application should be permitted.