A WOMAN could be forced to remove a rainbow painted in memory of her brother and in praise of emergency services after it was deemed against the rules by housing bosses.

Victoria Osbourne had painted the rainbow on her friend Kim Roger’s house in Mountbatten Place, Kings Worthy, after she decorated her caravan with the colourful feature.

Ms Osbourne painted the rainbow on the side of the house in time for anniversary of Ms Rogers’ brother’s death, who was also Ms Osbourne’s partner.

Ms Osbourne said: “I said to Kim wouldn’t a rainbow look fantastic on this wall and I thought I would do it was a surprise.

“Every single person that walks past it says wow. I have had one child from Otterbourne come, he said wow you are the rainbow queen and he wanted one painted on his house.”

But Ms Osbourne later discovered that the house belonged to Winchester City Council.

And now the authority has said that Ms Rogers is in breach of her tenancy and should have gained planning permission for the rainbow.

They have also said that she could be charged for the removal of the painting, despite the fact it was not her who put it up.

Ms Rogers said: “They said I didn’t have planning permission for it, and I said that I didn’t do it. I thought as it wasn’t a structure it wouldn’t need it, but they said it has to come off.”

The authority has since sent a workman round to do a patch test to determine whether the rainbow can be removed.

“Everybody else so overwhelmed by it [the rainbow], they come and take photos with it and it brightens up everybody’s mood,” Ms Rogers added.

“With coronavirus and health workers, firemen and police, everyone has been connecting with the rainbow. It is a big thank you.”

Ms Rogers and Ms Osbourne are happy to paint over the rainbow but would like it to remain has a symbol of joy and appreciation.

“I think they [the council] have overdone it, they have well and truly over it done, and so does Vicky.”

A council spokesperson said: “We do understand that this colourful rainbow means a lot to the resident of this property, but we have received complaints about the painting including from local people and the Parish Council. As the landlord of the house, we are now in discussions with the resident on how we can now return the wall to how it was. Whilst people are able to decorate their rented homes, this does have to be in keeping with the local neighbourhood and advance notice given before any changes are made.”