SIR: In 2020 readers may be interested or shocked to know that ECT electro convulsive therapy is still be used by our local mental health trust. Incidentally some trusts do not use ECT at all.

A report last week by psychologist Professor John Read suggests ECT should be suspended.

A new leaflet by Southern Health states 'it is thought depression can be caused by certain brain chemicals and that ECT causes the release of these chemicals' although this I believe is actually NOT the case!

Whilst some patients that have had ECT say it has helped them many never recover from the terrible memory problems and the depression reoccurring. Lives debilitated forever.

ECT can also be given under the Mental Health Act.

In 2020 surely we need more humane ways of treating those who need help?

It would be amazing if we could find an alternative model to the often repeated hospitalisation of patients.

A community where people can feel safe and try and rebuild their lives.

Emma Miller,

Lynford Avenue,