THESE pupils were given a specialist workshop on how to empathise through storytelling.

Stanmore Primary welcomed The Empathy Lab to host a day full of online activities and lectures.

A spokesperson for the school said: "The Empathy Lab is an organisation that aims to build children's empathy and literacy skills through the use of stories. Empathy is the ability to feel and understand other people’s emotions and perspective.

"It is also a core life skill; vital for successful relationships, collaboration and learning. This vital skill has enabled us all to pull together over the past few challenging months.

"The virtual school and in school provision enjoyed a day packed full of creative ideas to help develop skills of empathy."

Participants made 'empathy glasses' and wore them whilst listening to stories read by various authors to help them understand how the characters felt.

Rob Biddulph taught the children how to draw an empathy sloth and they wrote empathy resolutions.

The spokesperson added: "We listened to music and drew how it made us feel and thought about what made us unique when we listened to Sophy Henn reading her book Super Duper.

Activities can be found on The Empathy Lab website.