A HOUSING company has been slammed by residents who have been "living in a nightmare".

VIVID opened its block of flats in Pyle Gardens, Barton Farm two years ago – with the tagline 'new homes for the community'.

But the Chronicle has been told about the living experience, with the biggest problem being a couple who continuously fight each other.

One person, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "It's clear that the man and woman have mental health issues, and believe me everyone here absolutely sympathises with them for that.

"But every week or so, night or day, there will be police or an ambulance outside, talking to them. It's like living in a nightmare.

"One morning at around 8.30am an ambulance had been called. There was blood splattered down their patio window and the door was completely shattered."

The resident added the couple drink a lot. One incident kept a teenaged girl up all night, meaning she had to miss an exam at school.

"It's constant antisocial behaviour," continued the resident. "It constantly smells like weed because of them.

"There's a lot of loud banging, foul language and if any one here tries to break up an argument they are threatened. I've seen him being chased across the nearby field by police dogs once.

"People who don't even live in our road can here it, and one family have had to move their children from the road-facing bedroom because they are terrified.

"Kids should be able to play on the road out here. The police tell us we need to get in contact with VIVID the landlords, but they just don't seem to do anything and seem oblivious to it every time I call."

Another local resident pointed out that key workers live in the area.

“They are making people’s lives a misery," they said. "Key workers live there and they can’t get any sleep.

"Vivid are allowing it to happen. Vivid likes to talk tough but act soft."

Derek Street, head of neighbourhoods at VIVID told the Chronicle that he understands "how distressing" anti-social behaviour is.

“We understand how distressing anti-social behaviour can be.

"With ASB cases we must follow a process to build a case against any repeat offenders. We want our customers to enjoy living in their homes so are doing all we can to help resolve these.

"This includes working with other agencies involved such as the police and asking residents to complete diary sheets of incidents. Since receiving complaints about ASB at Pyle Gardens, we’ve provided these diary sheets to residents and have asked them to email us about specific incidents but we’re yet to receive any further information"

Mr Street also acknowledged that repair work is required at the block of flats.

He added: "Unfortunately, our contractor was due to complete these outstanding defects from the build but following the COVID-19 lockdown measures they had to stop any non-essential work where they could not maintain social distancing.

"We know this has been frustrating for customers and we thank them for their patience. We’re working with the contractors to review the outstanding works and ensure they will be completed as soon as possible.”