SIR:I refer to the report in last week’s Chronicle (May 28) suggesting that Hampshire County Council may consider closing recycling centres again because of the long queues.

Last week I went to the Winchester facility to dispose of a large quantity of garden waste because I had already filled two of the green bags and had run out of space to store the rest. It took an hour and ten minutes to get inside. Once in there, I was surprised to see the majority of the parking spaces barricaded off, and felt that more spaces could be provided while still safely maintaining social distancing.

The queues are there due to demand and closing the facilities again would lead to more fly tipping which is costly for the County Council to clear up. If HCC were to increase the number of spaces and extend opening hours this would be welcomed by their local tax payers.

Judy Hickman,

Deane Down Drove


SIR: I am concerned by your report that recycling centres in Hampshire may be closed because they are so busy that there are long queues. Surely the high usage shows the need to have them open and for access to be made easier. For example, at the Winchester centre there are 28 car parking bays of which only six are in use. This could be increased to between nine and 14 and still observe social distancing. Thus, traffic problems would be reduced by increased turnaround times.

I hope the county council waste department will be able to adjust to changing conditions.

Donald Black,

Sarum Close,