APPROVAL has been given for the redevelopment of a plot in Otterbourne.

The scheme by Jim Tarzey will see a bungalow, called Old Deeds, on Main Road, knocked down and four three-bedroom semi-detached houses built.

It sparked six objections from neighbours who complained of over-development, overlooking and potential impact from the soakaway potentially causing flooding in Cranbourne Drive.

Neighbour Christopher Evans, of Cranbourne Drive, said: "A one-storey bungalow will be replaced by a two-storey house and the upper windows will look into our bedroom windows. There is no screening."

Another Michael Taggart, of Main Road, described the proposal as "garden-grabbing" and in breach of the Otterbourne Village Design Statements, a long-established document dating back to 2008.

The parish council also objected on the over-development issue.

The planning committee heard that there was already planning permission for a four-between house on the plot, granted in 2018.

Mr Tarzey said he had spoken to local estate agents and they said there was strong demand for smaller-sized family homes.

Fiona Light, head of new homes at Charters estate agents, wrote a letter of support to say there would be strong demand for three-bedroom houses in Otterbourne.

Planning officers recommended approval saying it "contributed to the rhythm of development in this part of Otterbourne".

Councillors voted by eight to one to approve the scheme. The sole dissenter was Cllr Brian Laming who said: "I am concerned about the impact on the neighbours and also the access to the site. But the buildings are much-needed and well-designed."