POLICE are warning residents in the Winchester district not to let anyone they don’t know into their homes after receiving a number of reports of ‘aggressive Nottingham Knockers'.

Officers from Winchester Police have said that they have been made aware of several instances of the gang becoming “aggressive and threatening, when challenged, towards members of the public”.

A post of the team’s Facebook page said: “Nottingham Knockers are usually young men who go door-to-door, selling various household products at high prices.

“They are dropped off early in the morning in a particular location by a large van and are then transported around that area throughout

the day.

“They will offer to show you ID that will likely be ‘Hawkers Work Creation’ or similar and say they have just been released from prison.

“This company does not actually exist and is purely a laminated piece of card with their picture on. They may try to ‘hard sell’.

“They will also tell you about how they are trying to ‘make a better life’.”

The team has issued advice to anyone who gets unexpected knock on their door to check who is on the other side before opening.

“Either look through a side window, look through a spy hole, or simply ask out loud who it is. If you do not know them, establish who they are and what they are there for before you open the door," the post added.

“Please remember, if the cold caller sales are unsuccessful, they are unlikely to return in future.

“If you do experience any verbal abuse and feel intimidated, please call 101 and give a detailed description of the person/s and direction of travel.”