SIR: Covid-19 is far too serious to be a party political matter. It is regrettable therefore that the Prime Minister has not sought to build an all-party forum or consulted with the other nations or regions of the UK.

Even more regrettable was his lack of engagement early on. What a marked contrast to the energy and activity he is now spending on defending the indefensible. His advisor has ignored the rules he himself no doubt had a hand in creating and promoting.

In the Rose Garden he said he had predicted a pandemic such as this. He did not. He amended his original blog post on April 14. The rule was to "Stay at Home". He did not. All the rest is hot air and devious political machinations.

For these two reasons Dominic Cummings is not a fit and proper person to work in Downing Street. He must go. At the time of writing (Thursday May 28) 44 Conservative MPs have called for him to resign or be sacked including Caroline Nokes (Romsey and Southampton North) and Royston Smith (Southampton Itchen). My thanks and congratulations to them.

Sadly our own MP, Steve Brine has not. Being critical is not enough. Steve showed he had principles and guts when he voted to prevent a No Deal Brexit. I hope by the time this is published he will have acted similarly and joined his local colleagues in calling for Dominic Cummings to go.

Mike Biden,

Northbrook Close,

St Giles Hill,