Bishop's Sutton

20/00715/LIS, Peter Mills, relocation of the kitchen, provision of a ground floor WC and a first floor ensuite, Bassetts Farm House, North Street.

Colden Common

20/00855/FUL, Jane Ratcliffe, alterations to 19/01049/HOU to allow building to be used solely for purposes ancillary to the occupation of the property known as Brown Eaves, Brown Eaves, 170 Main Road.


20/00783/HOU, Mr and Mrs Grindrod, rear single storey extension, St George, Uplands Road.

20/00863/HOU, Mr Dunkley, replacement garage plus home office, The Chestnuts, School Lane.


20/00784/FUL, Mr Freemantle, six dwellings, access, parking, landscaping and associated works, land adjacent to Sunnyside, Durley Street.

Headbourne Worthy

20/00493/HOU, applicant not listed, erection of rear glass veranda, 7 Hamblin Gardens.

Kings Worthy

20/00755/HOU, Mr and Mrs Moore, proposed roof extension and rear flat roof dormer, 20 Springvale Road.


20/00911/TPC, Mr Watling, tree works, 30 East Stratton.

New Alresford

20/00757/LIS, applicant listed as Currington, replacement external render and external window repairs, The Old Running Horse, 22 Pound Hill

20/00780/HOU, Mr Silcock, single storey rear and side extensions to living area, single storey side extension, side entrance lobby, and WC. Infill extension to link garage to house and roof extension to form canopy over entrance. New hedge to the South West corner of the garden, 7 Derwent Gardens.


20/00796/FUL, applicant not listed, erection of stable building, equestrian use of land, provision of gallop beside north boundary and alternative entrance and access drive via Ingoldfield Lane, Adams Farm Cottage, Southend Lane.

20/00854/HOU, Gill Doney, single storey rear extension after demolition on rear and side external walls, Willow Cottage, Chapel Road.


20/00771/FUL, Mr and Mrs Conroy, change of use of existing highway verge to ancillary amenity land, Mountview, Church Lane.

20/00889/TPC, Jon Walthoe, tree works, Home Lane Cottage, Home Lane.


20/00811/HOU, Mr and Mrs Jarvis, single storey front porch, 32 Crofton Way.

Winchester Town

20/00728/HOU, Mr and Mrs Dixon, front extension, 110 Stoney Lane.

20/00734/FUL, Mr Neave, proposed development of a single detached dwelling, 30 Stoney Lane.

20/00762/HOU, Mr and Mrs Walker, first floor rear extension, 196 Stockbridge Road

20/00786/HOU, Alayne Mowbray, garage conversion with flat roof alteration, 14 Stoke Road.

20/00813/HOU, Mr Boldry, single storey rear extension and internal alterations, 60 Cromwell Road.

20/00851/FUL, applicant not listed, application to vary changes to approved drawings for the Support Services Building, Winchester College, Physical Education Centre, Kingsgate Road.

20/00891/HOU, Tim Montagu, single storey side extension and internal works, basement to be converted to a habitable space, 20 West End Terrace.

20/00904/TPC, Hugo Dickson, tree works including fell, 6 Upper High Street.