PERHAPS not the greatest surprise, but Peter Symonds students go on to excel in higher education.

New research reveals that Symondians who go on to higher education do significantly better than the national average, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

Worth remembering that Symonds is a state institution and not fee-paying.

Tables published by HESA confirmed that 36.3 per cent of former Symonds students graduating from higher education in 2018/19 received first class degrees, compared with an average of 28.9 per cent of students from sixth form colleges and 30.4 per cent from the independent sector.

Symonds students who went on to attend Russell Group universities also did notably better than the national average, with 38.9 per cent achieving a first compared with 34.2 per cent from sixth form colleges and 31.8 per cent from independents.

Symonds principal Sara Russell said: “This is a remarkable achievement and bears testament to the thorough grounding students receive with us. We are very conscious that we are preparing our students for their future and so it is incredibly rewarding to see that the foundations laid at Peter Symonds create such a strong base for success.

“A vast majority of our students go on to university, with Government statistics demonstrating that more Symonds students go to Russell Group universities than from any other institution in the country – 543 in 2019," she continued.

“Our experienced staff provide our students planning to go on to higher education with the very best support if that is their ambition, but we also strive to support and guide all our students to ensure that every single one reaches their full potential. We are dedicated to ensuring every student leaves Peter Symonds equipped for success, no matter what they chose to go on to.”

The HESA tables demonstrate that Peter Symonds students are well prepared for their next steps, and a January 2020 Ofsted inspection reiterates this, stating “students achieve high grades in their A levels. They are very well prepared for their aspirational next steps to prestigious universities, where they pursue their studies in their chosen careers.”