A YOUNG Winchester schoolboy already has something impressive to put on his CV – after interviewing the UK's most popular PE teacher.

Zak Sanderson, seven, joined his mum Claire, the editor-in-chief of Women’s Health, to question Joe Wicks.

He took the reins during the interview and asked his own questions, as well as some sent in by his St Faith’s Primary School classmates.

Zak said: "I was a bit nervous to start with as I’m a big fan of Joe Wicks and we’ve been doing PE with Joe every day, but once we started talking about football it was really easy.

"He also gave my mum and I some tips on how to get my little sister, Nell, who is only four, excited about doing exercise together as a family."

Recording from the family home during the current Covid-19 crisis, co-host Zak asked Joe about everything from his favourite school sports to lockdown haircuts.

First he asked why he feels 'PE with Joe' has taken off.

Mr Wicks said: "It has been an emotion thing. Families are at home and they want to see their children happy and active. Parents are lost, some people are a bit confused on how to get their children moving.

"So I’ve taken on that role. I’ve said just let me babysit your kids for 30 mins and if you’re watching, why don’t you get involved too."

On his expectations for 'PE with Joe', he added: "It looks like I’ve had this really amazing idea and I’ve got a great marketing brain...but I never knew in a million years I’d get 50 million views doing this. I knew this was going to happen, I just thought it would take 10 years."

Zak asked whether Mr Wicks would cut his hair for charity.

The response was: "Well I’m so famous for my big, bushy, curly hair I don’t think people would recognise me. It would be strange. I wouldn’t go full skinhead, I’d do a wacky sideburn and maybe a Mohican."

Mr Wicks told Zak that his favourite sports in school were football and athletics.

The podcast featuring the interview can be found by searching for Going For Goal on Acast, Apple or other podcast platforms.