RESIDENTS on a Winchester street came out in force in a bid to silence an ex-Parliamentary candidate during Clap for Carers last night (Thursday).

As reported in the Chronicle Teresa Skelton, also known as Teresa Morse, has been hurling insults and messages from her Hyde Close home as neighbours take part in the event.

Mrs Skelton has previously contested the Winchester and Chandler’s Ford seat at the 2017 and 2019 General Election for the Justice and Anti-Corruption party and has often criticised Hampshire Constabulary at public meetings.

Yesterday at 8pm Mrs Skelton was on her doorstep with a megaphone waiting for her neighbours to take part in the movement, but it was not until shortly after 8.10pm that they appeared.

Mrs Skelton then began her three minute and 16 second monologue from her front path.

Neighbours, along with residents living in nearby street who had walked to Hyde Close, started banging on saucepans and clapped loudly as she spoke.

Residents also showed their support for those on the front line, with one neighbour coming into the middle of the street with a flag reading “Thank You NHS”.

Previously on April 16 Mrs Skelton uploaded her speech to YouTube, entitled 'clapping like seals', writing: “Not everyone agrees with Boris’s "State Ordered” Stalinist weekly ritual. We are not all gullible, manipulated sheep, turning out to clap like seals when our lords and masters order it. The NHS is saving us from nothing. There is no "killer plague" on the loose. To prove it just look at the figures published every day in the Metro. Meanwhile our economy is being smashed and our rights are being taken away. Boris and Co are laughing all the way to the bank, and the banks are laughing too. They are about to clean up!”