RESIDENTS on a Winchester street have been attacked for “clapping like seals” because they join with the rest of the country in The Clap for Carers each Thursday evening.

They are upset at being called “idiots”, “gullible sheep” and left feeling “imprisoned in their own homes” by an ex-Parliamentary candidate living in the same road.

Teresa Skelton, also known as Teresa Morse, has been hurling insults and messages from the upstairs window of her Hyde Close home as neighbours take part in the event.

Mrs Skelton has previously contested the Winchester and Chandler’s Ford seat at the 2017 and 2019 General Election for the Justice and Anti-Corruption party and has often criticised Hampshire Constabulary at public meetings.

Now people living in the street have reported that since the Clap for Carers event started her outbursts have been escalating.

After one occasion, April 16, she uploaded her monologue to YouTube, with the video entitled “clapping like seals”. She calls them “gullible, manipulated sheep” and that “there is no ‘killer plague’ on the loose.”

In the three minutes and 28 second clip she refers to the Clap for Carers affair, saying: “I don’t really agree with all this but you’ve got people in our street that do, which is fine”, before yelling that she is “clapping for the coronavirus US patent” before going on to claim that Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave himself a pay rise as he was impressed by the NHS.

Mrs Skelton is heard to shout: “I’m really pleased that you all think this is great”, before saying “25,000 people die a day from hunger all around the world and you don’t give a damn”.

She says about China selling the UK masks: “Clap even louder because the Chinese want to hear you crawling to them, well done China, well done, you certainly taught us a lesson in this country.

“Well done but you lot are idiots for selling yourself down the drain. That’s it you clap, well done.”

More recently Mrs Skelton is said to have been using a megaphone to get her points of view.

Hampshire Chronicle:

She is the wife of John Morse, who in the 1980s was a senior figure in the far-right British National Party. He is thought to be no longer involved in politics.

On the YouTube upload she wrote: “Not everyone agrees with Boris’s "State Ordered” Stalinist weekly ritual. We are not all gullible, manipulated sheep, turning out to clap like seals when our lords and masters order it. The NHS is saving us from nothing. There is no "killer plague" on the loose. To prove it just look at the figures published every day in the Metro. Meanwhile our economy is being smashed and our rights are being taken away. Boris and Co are laughing all the way to the bank, and the banks are laughing too. They are about to clean up!”

One woman who viewed outburst online and has a friend living in the street said: “Each week her tirade is escalating with various sound bites, obviously scrabbled together from social media, in an attempt to shock and garner attention.

“Neighbours are feeling imprisoned in their own homes and the stress her actions are causing is uncalled for in these very difficult times.”

She added that she has heard from those living in the Hyde Close that it is causing anxiety amongst neighbours.

Mrs Skelton was contacted by the Chronicle for a comment but has not responded.