SEPARATE plans for three traveller pitches in Hampshire have all been refused.

Winchester City Council has thrown out the individual applications, which were seeking permission to use different patches of land in Hambledon.

The first, submitted by Patrick Doran, wanted to use Plot One of the Hipley Road Pony Paddock as a pitch with one mobile home, one touring caravan and one dayroom.

Johnnie Connors had submitted an identical application for Plot Two of the same paddock.

The third looked to change the use of Lower Paddock in Bent Lane to a residential caravan site for two traveller families, each with two caravans and one static mobile home.

As previously reported, this was submitted by Thomas Maloney last month and has now been refused twice – once on the original decision date and again following an appeal.

In total, all three applications received 62 public objections.

These mentioned that traffic in the area would be increased, the areas are already overdeveloped, the countryside would be spoiled and that traveller pitches do not fit the Denmead Plan.

Ian Pettit, of Worlds End near Waterlooville, commented on both Hipley Road applications.

He said: "The plot is close to the road and will be clearly visible from the street scene. The plot already has two disused caravans dumped on it and there is a strong smell of raw sewerage coming from the area of the gateway.

"If permission is granted for this development it must be time limited to be vacated at the same time as the other plots.

"I understand there has already been a serious fire on the existing site and recommend that advice should be sought from the fire brigade concerning the safe storage of LPG gas tanks and safe access."