THURSDAY afternoon didn't seem any different for the team at Winchester Coffee Roasters.

That was until they discovered a sword-like artefact in their new outside seating area. 

The history behind the object is currently unknown, but Mark Goulding of the business is hoping to find out as much as he can. 

He told the Chronicle: "We were digging up an area for our new decking and outdoor seating when we came across a metal sword-shaped item.

"It could be anything but it certainly looks like a sword to me. People on social media have shared their opinions and it will be nice to know exactly what it is.

"I will be calling Winchester Museum today and I have a long list of numbers of experts who can help."

Winchester Coffee Roasters, based in The Foundry Yard, posted a picture on Facebook which received comments from dozens of people. 

Tony Blackman said: "Definitely get that checked out looks like it might still be in its sheath.

"At a guess judging by its length it could be early medieval. Swords generally got longer and bigger the better the amour got. So could be quite a find."

But Mark Housby said in a comment that he is "not entirely convinced it is a sword".

"Doesn't look like any I've come across. It could be a theatrical prop, or possibly a fragment of a metal structure such as a gate or fence which just happens to be sword shaped."

Mr Goulding will keep the Chronicle updated with any information about the find.