FORMER offices in Bishop's Waltham will now be converted to flats.

Winchester City Council has permitted a planning application regarding the six units at Chase Mill.

The area in Winchester Road will now be used as six residential flats, each with one bedroom, and will feature a secure area for bicycles and bins.

One public objection was submitted before approval by city council planning officers, who used their delegated powers.

Janet Emery lives next door to Chase Mill and wrote: "I only have one window in lounge and im unable to open it due to cars coming passed and they would smash my window. Flats would mean that I would be subject to vehicles passing within inches off my windows any time day and nights which means I can never have my window open.

"The positioning of the bin storage is within feet off my property and as I cannot already open my lounge window I feel with the bins directly in line with my bedroom window I would not been able to open them especially in hot weather due to health and safety reasons.

"I feel with all the extra housing being built in Bishop's Waltham there is no need to turn a listed building into more."

The applicant, Dr Jeremy Newdwell, replied: "The access to the offices, which historically was used for deliveries to the Mill, is currently used by the cars of office and residential occupants on a daily basis without any issues of the sort Mrs Emery mentions.

"The access is shared with The Gallery, which is already in residential use, and no problems of the sort Mrs Emery suggests have been brought to my attention."

He also said that "HGV lorries deliver heavy material to the mill", and that "it seems very unlikely that a car for some reason should strike Mrs Emery's window"

"I'm sensitive to Mrs Emery's concerns, but certain that in the event of the application being approved, that they will be proved to be unfounded," added Dr Newdwell.

Bishop's Waltham Parish Council supported the plans.