COLDEN Common Parish Council has installed a new signposts at the village's overgrown areas.

For at least three years, the council has left three areas in and around St Vigor Way uncut to allow the return of wildflowers.

Now, as part of the Blue Campaign, the signs have been installed so residents know why the area is left to grow.

A spokesperson said: "The benefit of doing so has been very clear by the abundance of insects in these areas, and the return of wildflowers including Common Orchids and Bee Orchids.

"A local resident alerted the parish council to the Blue Campaign. It promotes rewilding and suggests that to communicate that these areas are left uncut for a reason, that a blue heart on a wooden post is erected to alert the public to the project and look out for wildlife.

"Many thanks to The Colden Common Shed for making the sheds from recycled materials and to Mia Ellis for the sign-writing, all completed on a voluntary basis."