A BAND of middle-aged cyclists have been delivering to thousands during the coronavirus crisis.

Weekly cycling group Twyford Fliers, made up of nearly 60 men between the ages of 38 and 68, have morphed into a volunteer service, bringing groceries, medicines and hot meals to vulnerable people.

Within three days of the initial lockdown measures, they created a new delivery service for two local businesses facing potential closure – The Bugle in Twyford and The Fox in Crawley.

Members pulled together within 72 hours to launch with 4,000 printed leaflets.

Experts within the group trained 35 people in the essential skills for working in a hazardous environment, helping them to produce and deliver hot food safely to those across Hampshire villages.

In days the service had expanded to include the delivery of basic household items, and has started to support the busy local pharmacy, delivering essential prescriptions and medications across a 22 mile catchment area.

Founding member of the Fliers, and owner of The Bugle and The Fox, Lenny Carr-Roberts said: "On Sunday we delivered 240 roast dinners to 90 households in two hours. This volunteer delivery service is absolutely helping to keep The Bugle going, which means my staff will still have a job in 3 months time but, more importantly, it is giving villagers access to good quality, hot, cheap meals and vital groceries and medication."

Lenny believes that the more the pub are able to adapt to services like home delivery, the more people are able to stay at home.

"With 40 per cent of pubs, restaurants, cafes and hotels predicted never to open again," he added, "it’s so important to support the pubs that are the hubs of so many communities."

"I am so proud to see what our group has turned into. It’s amazing what like-minded, kind people can do to support their communities in times of a crisis."