SIR: I was reduced to tears of joy while participating and hearing everyone in our neighbourhood clapping their hands (8pm on Thursday March 26) to praise the NHS courage and hard work dealing with the Coronavirus crisis. I have never witnessed such a scary time in my entire life.

I am pleased to see that this experience has humbled people to appreciate how lucky they are in Britain to have the NHS respond to the Coronavirus crisis. The NHS has stood the time despite cut backs and threats to be privatised.

The USA, known for the most expensive private medical care system in the world, has the highest Coronavirus cases in the world. Americans are also facing the hardest times ever. Worse than the Great Depression. As Americans lose their jobs, they also lose their private medical insurance. For those with reduced or no medical insurance are reluctant to get tested for the virus as it will cost them thousands of dollars and even more reluctant to be hospitalised as the cost will be even higher.

Americans decisions are tough and due to their private medical care system, the USA doesn’t know the true impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Jeannette Schael,

Crookham Close,