A STREET has come together to sing happy birthday to a 100-year-old Romsey resident.

Kath Mapp has lived in Romsey for more than 50 years and on March 31, 2020 she celebrated her unique 100th birthday.

Due to government restrictions, she couldn't celebrate in the normal fashion, so her whole street stood outside their houses, located on High Firs Gardens, Romsey, to sing and say happy birthday to her.

Lexie Wellman, who as known 100-year-old Kath for five years, organised the celebration by handing leaflets to doors across the road.

She said: "I have known Kath through a service now called Re-Engage where I take her and a few other girls out for tea on a Sunday."

Re-engage, formerly known as Contact the Elderly, is a charity set up to "bring older people together into social groups at a time in their lives when their social circles are diminishing".

Often residents offer to host the tea parties, which have been set up by Kath, free of charge.

Lexie added: "Kath’s reaction was one of real surprise.

"She told me later how unexpected it was, she said it was a lovely surprise to see and hear all those people."

Lexie organised the celebration by inviting other members of the community to join in on singing and making the day special.

In the invitation, she said: "I had planned to throw a party for her but obviously that can no longer happen.

"I will be taking a cake to Kath, obviously keeping a very respectful distance.

"It would be amazing if you are able, if you could cheer her up by opening a window or coming to your door and join me in singing Happy Birthday to her at 10am on Tuesday."

Kath's long time friend, Ann Duffin, baked a special birthday cake.