A WINCHESTER man with autism has been spared jail after assaulting police officers in a drunken incident.

Charlie John Gleeson, 21, was spotted talking to himself whilst "hugging a post" in Winnall Manor Road on December 7, a court heard.

When approached by a resident, he became violent and started swearing. Gleeson, of Trussell Crescent, Weeke, swore at passers by before the police were called – which led to officers being bitten, kicked, punched and spat at.

Rose Burns, prosecuting, told Winchester Crown Court: "When the resident came over, Mr Gleeson began punching and kicking him, bruising his arm. He has since admitted to having a drink that night and that it doesn't sit well with his medication."

When police arrived, Gleeson was said to have been "constantly shouting at them".

"Officers tried to calm him down but he raised his arm as if he was going to hit one of them," continued Ms Burns.

"He resisted any attempts to restrain him and during the struggle one officer had her thumb twisted back and others were kicked and punched. One was bitten and another spat at."

The team of officers, which included Jason Lawton, Carl Stevens, Lewis Moncaster, William Cantlie and Selina Tribe, managed to strap Gleeson's legs together, handcuff him and put him in the back of their van.

Alexandra Chassum, mitigating, said: "There is clear evidence in the psychiatric report that shows a history of autism and ADHD. This incident was not helped by the alcohol consumption, but Charlie may not have had real intent to harm others.

"He has been very candid since, saying he had drank too much and was very anxious at the time with several worries including money. He's had a great deal of time to reflect and he wishes not to offend again and has already worked on reducing his alcohol consumption."

Gleeson had been on conditional discharge at the time of arrest due to damaging the hostel he was living in last March.

Sentencing him to a 12 month community order, Recorder Hannah Willocks said: "You have been known to the specialist services since you were a child and have acknowledged that you have behaved unacceptably and that you have let yourself down."

Ms Willocks also sent Gleeson on a 25 day rehabilitation programme and set an electrically monitored curfew. He must be at home between 7pm and 6am.