THE Mayor of Winchester opened Colden Common Pre-School’s brand-new garden studio.

Bought through fundraising and grants, this private and secure outdoor space will be where the pre-school carry out their language and communication focus groups with the children.

It will also be where they hold our parent one-to-ones and meetings with professionals such as inclusion coordinators and complete any administrative duties.

Members of the community, including representatives from the funding organisations, along with families who attend the pre-school, came along to join in the festivities.

After Mayor Cllr Eleanor Bell cut the ribbon and declared the studio open, attendees enjoyed tea and cake at the Community Centre on St Vigor Way.

Richard Izard, chairman of the pre-school, said: “We are delighted with our Hampton Studio. We can’t wait to get in and start using it. With funding for pre-schools becoming more and more difficult we are particularly grateful to the Parish Hall Trust and parish council for providing grants that will enable us to provide that little bit extra.”

Jacqui Hadley, pre-school supervisor, said: “It’s wonderful to have a professional space to conduct our business administration from. Where paperwork can be accessed in a coherent and effective manner that meets the conditions of its regulatory body. We are looking forward to our parent one-to-ones that can now take place in March in a confidential space.”