CONCERNS are being raised about safety at a country road junction between Owslebury and Cheriton, writes Andrew Napier.

The crossroads at Lane End Down, near to the A272 has seen at least two collisions in recent months.

Simon Adams’s son Dylan’s VW Golf was written off in a recent collision on January 15. He was returning home from work at Marwell Zoo.

Mr Adams, of Bramdean, said: “One of the ‘Give Way’ signs has slipped 90 degrees so you cannot see the warning signs. My son was very lucky to only come off with minor injuries.

“I just want something to be done. I don’t want anyone else harmed.

“I have phoned the county council as I want to know that someone is going to do something about it.”

The crossroads in question are just off the A272 which itself has a poor safety record.

Also highlighting the issue at Lane End Down is Gerry Tull, from Owslebury, who has long campaigned for better road safety on the country roads, such as Longwood Crossroads, which have seen a large increase in traffic in recent decades.

Cllr Rob Humby, county councillor and executive member for economy, transport and environment, in a letter to Mr Tull, said: “We are understandably concerned about the recent increase in collisions at the Lane Down End crossroads and in response the Safer Roads Team have completed an investigation with officers from Winchester City Council and Hampshire Constabulary.

“The investigation specifically examined the circumstances of the recent incidents, the accident history over a five-year period, local concern and road conditions to ascertain if there have been previous collisions with similar circumstances for which we could introduce additional safety measures.

“On this occasion the investigation noted that the advanced warning sign approaching the crossroads from Lane End Down Lane is leaning but is still visible to motorists, all other signing present was seen to be in good working order.

“We are pleased to confirm that a job has already been raised to refurbish the road markings at the crossroads and the leaning sign will be repaired as soon as possible. In the medium term we will also be looking at signing improvements to further highlight the hazards and cutting back of vegetation.

“It is worth mentioning that prior to the recent collisions the injury accident record at the crossroads has been relatively good over the past decade with only three other injury incidents having been recorded by the police during this period. These all involved slight injuries and occurred in 2015, 2017 and 2019 respectively. In the period between 2006 and 2015 there were no accidents which involved injury.”

Cheriton Parish Council said it has been liaising with the HCC Safer Roads - Casualty Reduction Team Leader, Steve Woodward.