BURGLARS stole a £35,000 top-of-the-range motorbike in a break-in which saw them cut a hole in a brick wall to avoid cameras.

The gang broke into Moto Rapido Ducati, in Winnall Valley Road, Winchester, at about 10pm last night (Wednesday).

During the brazen attack they took a Ducati V4 which had been specially made for a customer to collect next month.

It is believed the burglars had another bike lined up which was “third of the price” but were spooked and left with the high-end motorcycle on the back of a van.

Dealership owner Steve Moore said: “It is frustrating as they have put quite a bit of time and effort into it.

“The bike hasn’t been in that position in the showroom at all so either they got very lucky or they are very clever people.”

The damage was noticed by the workshop team early this morning who noticed “a bit of a breeze” and called Mr Moore to alert him to the incident.

The offenders cut through the wall under the stairs of the unit which is said to be out of sight of CCTV and alarm sensors.

“I don’t think anyone came into the building, they dragged the bike out and into the back of the van and then they were gone.

“They found a weak link which we have got sealed up now. It has been a lot work to go through, the hole is now secured and the fence back up.”

Moto Rapido Ducati has also installed extra CCTV following the break-in.

According to Mr Moore the company has been contacted by other motorbike dealerships saying that they have been targeted using the same method.

“It is quite surprising, we have got CCTV from next door showing thieves knocked out cameras and one of the security lights they got rid of.”

Today the company has also spent time trying to source another bike for the customer and luckily Ducati has agreed to ship another from Italy.