A CITY-based charity has benefitted from a donation made by the Chronicle’s parent company, Gannett.

Winchester Go LD has purchased a new printer with the £500, which team member Emma Snagge said is a “crucial thing” for the charity.

She added: “We rely on funds from the community, every little bit helps. Some other furniture is being donated as we’re having a revamp in this office so the printer goes in really nicely with that.

“Because of learning disabilities, even if it’s just reminding what we’ve got on next week, it needs to be in paper form.

“Even though our newsletter goes out electronically, everything else is in paper form. Print is important, things have to be visual to support people with learning difficulties.”

The charity, which operates from an office in the Discovery Centre, supports people with learning disabilities, hosting workshops to teach every day life skills including cooking, cleaning, management and socialising.

Winchester GoLD also organise trips away. People wanting help can drop into the Discovery Centre and talk to someone whenever they need – just by knocking on the door.

Emma continued: “We give a lot of one-to-one signposting. If something comes up in their lives it needs to be solved and we always help with friendships and romantic issues.”

Tanya Darnton added: “I think it’s fair to say that without us they would struggle in some areas. Things like housing issues, benefits, are very confusing for somebody without a learning disability, let alone for those who do.

“Being able to talk to somebody and get that solved means an awful lot to them.”