A FRAIL elderly lady from Curdridge died after suffering two falls in hospital, an inquest heard.

Molly Mary Page, 79, was admitted to Southampton General with a chest infection on September 16. Two days later she fell twice after getting out of bed without waiting for assistance. She died on September 26.

Senior coroner Christopher Wilkinson concluded that Mrs Page died of natural causes, with the falls contributing.

At the time of her death Mrs Page had anaemia, osteoporosis, pneumonia and underlying heart problems. She had suffered a bout of life-threatening septicaemia six months before, and had Addison's disease since a young age.

Mrs Page's daughter, who was not identified at the inquest, said the family were unhappy with the hospital's care.

She said: "She was in so much pain, she gripped my hand so tightly that there were scratches. We were prepared for the worst but we can't accept the amount of pain she was in."

Dr Kate Akester, who was representing the hospital, replied: "We never want any of our patients to feel pain. We always do our best and in this case we went through the necessary steps to reduce pain as much as possible.

"Mrs Page was frail when she came to hospital and one of the falls fractured her neck of femur. Unfortunately, it was highly unlikely she would've survived any longer than she did, given the circumstances."

A statement on behalf of Mrs Page's husband of 62 years, Noah, said: "Molly was strong willed, fearless and feisty, and she had much love for her family.

"She could do anything up until the very end of her life and never wanted help. She was very independent to the point she would even look after the grandkids on her own."

Mr Wilkinson concluded the inquest by saying: "My heart goes out to the family. I know there are concerns around the care for Molly, but I hope that today's hearing can somewhat help you through the grieving process."

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