THE future of public toilets in Winchester are being considered by the city council as it tries to save millions of pounds.

A report by council bosses into its finical strategy for the next four years details that two conveniences could close, one of which offers a 24-hour provision.

The council has earmarked the closure of the toilets in Middle Brook Street and in Worthy Lane, which is proposed to bring a saving of £50,000 in operating costs.

Cllr Neil Cutler, cabinet member for finance and risk, said: “Middle Brook Street is not well used, it’s had problems with anti-social behaviour and there are two conveniences within reasonable walking distance, within a few hundred yards. In fact, I think the police had actually asked for it to be closed at one point.”

The toilets are currently temporary closed.

The other on the closure list is Worthy Lane, where the coach park currently is, but this has sparked concern from the council’s scrutiny committee.

Committee member Cllr Dominic Hiscock said: “Can we have some sort of research done into the usage of 24 hour toilets as this is the last of the 24 hour toilets that is open in Winchester and it will be used by taxi drivers, emergency services and other people that have legitimate reasons to be about in the middle of the night or early in the morning.

“So, I think it would be sensible before we make this change just to make sure that first of all was there any provision required and if so where should it be.”

Following the concern work has already been undertaken on whether the toilets should be closed and a proposal in place to provide a 24-hour provision.

Cllr Cutler said: “We will look into that. It won’t be closed until the coach park moves anyway and we will make sure that no one is inconvenienced.”