STAFF at Peter Symonds College went on strike for the second time in four months to demand more funding.

Members of the National Education Union (NEU) took to the picket line this morning to express their concerns over cuts to further education.

Union representative Graham Childs said that further education is "the sector that gets lost" when it comes to Government funding.

He told the Chronicle: "There are huge cuts to Sixth Forms across the country meaning less staff, bigger class sizes and less extra support for the pupils who need it.

"Although Peter Symonds is better off than a lot of colleges, we don't want Government cuts to make their way here. It's about setting a precedent and sticking up for the sector as a whole."

Teachers are also striking over pay.

David Francis, also a union representative, added that most staff have seen relatively low pay rises over the previous nine years.

He said: "Further education is the jewel in the crown yet faces massive funding cuts regularly, almost as if it's an easy target.

"A lot of GCSE teachers get paid more than A-level teachers and colleges are not protected when it comes to cuts."

Mr Francis and Mr Childs will be joined by Peter Symonds College staff to strike in London on February 27.