FRUSTRATED patients who have been met with a wall of silence from a dental company aired their anger today.

A group of disgruntled customers of Finest Dental showed up at the company’s Southgate Street branch in Winchester after months of cancelled appointments and a lack of information.

Amie Hoyle, 35, has been undergoing treatment with Finest Dental for four years and has paid off a £3,500 finance agreement, but the work on her teeth has not been completed.

“The last five or six months it has been really difficult to get appointments and appointments have been cancelled and changed,” the Gosport woman said.

“Ultimately they said they would keep me in the loop, this was two weeks before Christmas and I haven’t heard anything.”

The string of cancelled appointments has caused Ms Hoyle to be left with a large gap in her teeth.

Before the trouble started she had an extra wire fitted onto her brace which was due to be taken off after around six weeks, but almost five months on she has been left with hole.

“It is disgusting how people can be that quick to take the money,” she added.

“We are not happy, the staff obviously are not happy. We just want people’s treatment finished and some sort of compensation.”

It is understood that Finest Dental is undergoing a restructure, but rumours have also emerged that the company is in liquidation and are about to be taken over.

A post on its website states: “Finest Dental is currently undergoing a restructure. Updates will be posted on this website regularly. Many clinics remain open to treat existing patients. Urgent arrangements are being made to ensure all patient treatment is completed.

“We are currently not accepting any new patients at this time.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Further updates to be added shortly.”

For one patient, Laura Nechita, the wait is worse as she is currently facing pain after a section of her teeth, fitted by the surgery, has fallen out.

Mrs Nechita has undergone seven implants, a bone graph and sinus lift at the Winchester clinic paying £8,260.

Her treatment started in October 2017, but in August 2018 she was told that her implants have been made incorrectly.

“We had to keep coming back again and again, they keep feeding us stories,” the 42-year-old said.

“They changed my first crown because it was made wrong. Now in December I had a big infection and I couldn’t clean [my teeth], it was impossible.

“Now I have pain because something is happening in my gum.”

Despite the company claiming they are not taking on new patients, a week ago David Cradduck, of Cheriton, signed up to get a second opinion on work that is needed doing.

“I couldn’t get hold of them on the phones so I came in on Monday and booked an appointment for today, then yesterday I got these texts saying ‘sorry we are going to have to cancel your appointment, ring back next week to re-arrange,” Mr Cradduck, 66, said.

But he was then told that the company was not taking on any new patients, however, with the closure of the branch he has been unable to retrieve a report on his dental work.

Finest Dental has been contacted for a comment but have yet to respond.