CHRISTOPHER Michael Jack disputed two traffic offences when he appeared at court.

He was cleared of one but convicted of the other and is now due to be £1,811 poorer.

Jack, 42, of St Faiths Road, St Cross, Winchester, denied speeding in a 10-reg Ford on St Marys Place/Kingsway in Southampton on May 30 last year. He was alleged to have driven at 35 mph in a 30-zone.

Basingstoke Magistrates Court found him not guilty and dismissed the charge.

But the court found him guilty of failing to tell police the identity of the driver believed to have committed an offence. Letters were sent to Jack on June 18 and July 17 but no response was received, the court heard.

Jack was fined £1,329 with a £132 victim surcharge and £350 costs. Six penalty points were added to his driving licence.