THE Henry Beaufort School says it is thrilled to be able to roll out a new initiative hbX to its students.

hbX will offer a number of experiences for students including a residential experience, an adventurous activity, meeting a person that will widen their knowledge of the world we live in and visiting a place of culture.

Through the hbX initiative, students will also be actively encouraged to help others by contributing to charity, voluntary work or a community-based project.

hbX will create opportunities for students to set themselves new goals, to share new experiences with friends and to make them feel proud of their achievements.

Henry Beaufort says: "We are extremely ambitious for our students and believe that learning in an environment outside the classroom has the potential to change lives.

"All students should be exposed to opportunities and experiences beyond the classroom. We believe these opportunities and experiences will help students to broaden their horizons, challenge them personally, build confidence, develop skills for their future and make our students feel happier."

Helen Briggs, Head of Year Nine and the member of staff responsible for this innovative programme, said, ‘Our students will be offered these opportunities and experiences through many strands of our curriculum including; extra-curricular activities, enrichment week, residential trips, personal development days and cultural capital days organised by the School. We will track and monitor all opportunities and experiences that students participate in through our hbX initiative and are very excited to see our how our students benefit’.