Badger Farm

19/02833/HOU, Mr Holloway, resubmission of 18/02791/HOU - two-storey side extension including side windows and a proposed front porch,13 Silverwood Close.

Bishop’s Waltham

19/02790/HOU, Deborah Toothill, removal of single-storey rear extension and replacing with two-storey rear extension; enclosing front porch, 4 Penfords Paddock.

20/00069/TPC, Brian Clarke, willow tree - fell, Bishop’s Waltham Palace, English Heritage, Station Road.


20/00108/REM, no applicant listed, Reserved matters application pursuant to outline planning permission 15/00485/OUT for the construction of 81 dwellings together with associated access roads, footpaths, car parking, landscaping, boundary treatments, bin/cycle storage and above and below ground utility infrastructure. The outline application was accompanied by an environmental statement, North Whiteley Urban Extension, Botley Road, Curbridge.


19/02792/FUL, Peter Leech, change of use of an agricultural barn, to the development of a replacement building to house an indoor swimming pool, gym, storage and carport to be connected to the existing dwelling, Durley Oaks, Durley Hall Lane.

19/02854/HOU, Mr A Madgewick, two-storey side extension, Lower Cottage, 3 Kytes Lane.

Headbourne Worthy

19/02840/FUL, Ashley and Ruth Senna, new dwelling and associated landscaping, Chessaumy, School Lane.

19/02845/FUL, Element Property Ltd, four three-bedroom dwellings to the rear of 167 Springvale Road, with associated works, 167 Springvale Road.

Kings Worthy

20/00012/HOU, Mr and Mrs Fielder, single-storey extension, re-arrange parking with new hardstanding,1 Glendeep Close.

20/00018/FUL, c/o agent, demolition of existing dwelling and erection of three houses (two three-bedroom, one four-bedroom), 5 Boyne Rise.


19/02837/HOU, Mr Parker, cladding the exterior of the dwelling house with white render, Meadowside, Northbrook

20/00109/TPC, Miles Rackowe, tree works to yew, 88 The Crease, Duke Street.

New Alresford

19/02745/HOU, John Gordon, porch to front of property, 25 Nursery Road.

20/00011/HOU, Charles Flood, single-storey rear extension with modification of external dormers, change of roof covering and internal reconfiguration, Blandings, Drove Lane, Old Alresford.

Old Alresford

19/02755/FUL, Nick Lailey, repair of building following fire damage, with existing hinged doors to be replaced with roller shutter doors, Wieldshop Steel Fabricators, Unit 11 Barton Industrial Estate, Upper Wield.

South Wonston

19/02855/HOU, Mr J Kinsley, single-storey front/side and rear extensions together with raised decking area at rear, Dar Es Salaam, 132 Downs Road.


20/00088/TPC, Mr & Mrs Eggers, tree works, Wheathill, Church Lane.

Winchester Town

19/02751/FUL, Georgette Miller, replacement dwelling, 16 Uplands Road, Weeke.

19/02766/HOU, Mr and Mrs Paviour, (retrospective) single-storey rear extension, 9 Ruffield Close, Weeke.

19/02773/HOU, Jane Willing, detached wooden shed with a pitched roof in rear garden (3.65m length x 2.15m width, 2.45m height; retrospective), 55 Milland Road, Highcliffe.

19/02785/HOU, Briony and Andy Tatem, demolition of existing single-storey store and canopy and erection of a two-storey side extension. Modifications to the roof of an existing single-storey rear extension including a height increase to allow insulation to be added and the insertion of a roof lantern, 8 Byron Avenue, Fulflood.

19/02811/HOU, Malcolm Lee, single-storey rear extension, 12 Clausentum Road, St Cross.

19/02812/HOU, Mr and Mrs Skinner, single-storey side and rear extensions, 84 Fairfield Road, Fulflood.

19/02817/FUL, Mr and Mrs Baker, demolition of an existing detached three-bedroom house with garage and replacement with a new detached four-bedroom house, landscaping of front garden to provide parking and new vehicular access to Bereweeke Avenue, 44 Bereweeke Avenue, Weeke.

19/02821/LIS, 19/02822/LIS, Chris Higgins, internal reconfiguration of the Brothers’ Accommodation within the Hospital of St Cross (version with independent kitchens), St Cross Hospital, St Cross Road.

19/02826/HOU, Mr and Mrs Stones, erection of garage on existing hardstanding, 5 St James Terrace.

19/02843/HOU, Mr and Mrs Skinner, single-storey rear extension; new window to side elevation at first floor level (resubmission of approved 19/01271/HOU), 11 Sermon Road, Teg Down.

20/00058/TPO, Tal Rus, tree works, Chilcomb View, 26A Quarry Road, St Giles Hill.

20/00099/TPC, Mrs Munro, tree works, Carlton House, 12 Compton Road.

20/00105/TPO, Ruth Lever, tree works, Avington Court, Marnhull Rise.

The following applications have been received by the South Downs National Park Planning Authority:

SDNP/20/00121/HOUS, Mr and Mrs Goble, two-storey side extension and new front porch, Meon Way, Northend Lane, Droxford.

SDNP/19/06035/FUL, Mr and Mrs Morton, agricultural grain store, agricultural building and associated infrastructure, land south west of Woodcote Manor Cottages, Petersfield Road, Bramdean.

SDNP/20/00330/TCA, Guy Green, tree works, Woodbury, Lower Chilland Lane, Martyr Worthy.

SDNP/20/00273/TCA, Lady Bellamy, tree works, Twyford Lodge, Church Lane, Twyford.

SDNP/20/00356/TCA, Upham Parish Council, tree works including fell, Village Pond Enclosure, Church Street, Upham.

SDNP/20/00355/TCA, Nick Brown, tree works, Elms House, Finches Lane, Twyford.