1 In Romsey...

This weekend in Romsey is aimed at birdwatching enthusiasts.

The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch runs on Saturday and Sunday at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens.

Last year attendees spotted more than 30 species including fieldfare, redwing and a heron.

Organisers are asking participants to help compile a survey.

The event is free and will run from 10am both days.

2 In Sparsholt...

Join chef Mitch Lee, co-founder of Mitch’s Kitchen for a Veganuary cooking course at Season Cookery School at Lainston House on Saturday.

Learn how to create delicious vegan food with a focus on healthy eating.

On the menu is almond milk, vegan cheese, roast butternut squash and sage risotto, coconut bacon, and gluten-free and vegan fruit scones with coconut whipped cream.

The day course also includes lunch with a glass of wine in the cookery school.

Book online.

3 In Portsmouth...

Hand picked by Adele to star in Adele At The BBC, Stacey Lee’s uncannily similar vocal timbre left the star gobsmacked.

See her live at Portsmouth Guildhall this Saturday.

Coupled with a beautifully relaxed and honest rapport with audiences worldwide, Stacey captures Adele like nobody else.

It’s not surprising, as both were raised yards from each other in Tottenham, North London and share the same local ‘twang’ with which Adele is synonymous.

Stacey’s band, Someone Like Them, is awash with some of London’s finest session musicians, whose CVs alone would make them worthy of their own show.

Tickets: online.

4 In New Milton...

WHAT better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than to get hands on with the country’s spectacular cuisine.

A fun, creative and interactive cookery session for parents with their children is coming to The Kitchen at Chewton Glen on Saturday.

In this class you will discover the flavours of traditional Chinese dishes as you learn a variety of cooking techniques such as steaming and frying to create steamed pork and crab shiu mai, Chinese sticky beef and more.

Booking is essential.

5 In Winchester...

EXPLORE, discover and enjoy Winchester with two self-guided, quirky, heritage walks with an optional treasure hunt.

Are you curious about Winchester? Looking for an unusual and quirky activity which gets you out in the fresh air whatever the weather?

Take one of the self-guided walks with a treasure hunt theme.

You’ll get everything – detailed directions, maps, clues , and interesting snippets about the history of Winchester and the people that have shaped it.

6 In Selborne...

GILBERT White Around the World exhibition will explore Gilbert White’s international impact.

The Natural History of Selborne, Gilbert White’s pioneering work, is often quoted as being the fourth most published book in the English language, however it is not just published in English, readers from all over the world have also read White from China to Sweden.

The exhibition will centre around these international copies of The Natural History of Selborne, charting Gilbert White’s influence around the world since the eighteenth century till today.

Head along to Gilbert White’s House this weekend – museum entry fees apply.

7 In Southampton...

IF YOU’RE not curious about Winchester, are you curious about Southampton?

Explore, discover and enjoy the city centre with two unique, quirky heritage walks with a treasure hunt theme.

Southampton is one of Britain’s famous maritime cities, a major departure point for ocean-going liners, as well as the many ferries which scurry to and from its port.

But it is more than that – it has an Old Town, with remnants of a castle to explore and the walls which surrounded it, a medieval merchant’s house, a 12th century city gate, a jaw-dropping Civic Centre and a 15th century Tudor House.

Buy a booklet or instant download format from Curious About’s website and explore at your own pace.

8 In Basingstoke...

BEQUEATHING The Vyne to the National Trust in 1956, three rooms in the mansion will explore how Sir Charles Chute and the estate evolved through the turbulence of two world wars.

Sir Charles inherited The Vyne in 1892 and ultimately ensured its survival in the 20th Century.

Over 100 years of history will reveal how The Vyne has always been happiest when full of people.

Check out the exhibition this weekend.

9 In Winchester...

DON’T forget that Jake Wood-Evans’ finest art is on display in Winchester.

Evans’ new body of work, produced for this solo exhibition at Winchester Discovery Centre’s Gallery, which is operated by Hampshire Cultural Trust, is a continuation of the artists’ exploration of memory and mortality.

Returning to his enduring love of the Baroque for inspiration, the likes of Peter Paul Rubens, Anthony Van Dyck, Nicolas Poussin and Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre form the conceptual genesis for Relic.

10 In Gosport...

THERE’S a ‘mammoth’ exhibition for all the family at Gosport Gallery!

Discover exactly how people survived the Stone Age this weekend.

This display, full of hands-on activities, includes stone tools made by early people in Hampshire many thousands of years ago, as well as remains of the creatures they hunted, including woolly mammoth bones.

Unveil how hunter-gatherer people in Hampshire adapted to survive extreme climate changes in the Stone Ages.

See actual artefacts from the Stone Age, including hand axes up to 400,000 years old, and have a go at activities to test your skills in tracking animals, identifying edible foods or creating cave paintings.