Bishop’s Waltham

19/02661/HOU, Mr and Mrs S de Gruchy, first storey side extension to existing dwelling, 17 Godfrey Pink Way.

19/02810/LDC, Mr Knowles, landscape and fencing business with associated haulage, Brooklands Farm, Botley Road.


19/02654/LDP, Southwick Estate, replacement of existing residential garage building, which is in a poor condition. Proposed garage to match same floor area as existing. Location of garage to be moved 5 meters to the East to ensure good access to farm site and make the garage subservient to Ashlands bungalow, Ashlands Farm, Staple Cross Lane, Southwick.

19/02739/HOU, Mr and Mrs Hutton, single-storey rear extension, Journeys End, Trampers Lane, North Boarhunt.

Colden Common

19/02527/HOU, Mr and Mrs N Drawbridge, single-storey rear extension to replace existing conservatory, 2 Thacking Green.

19/02720/FUL, Mr N Plowright, demolition of triple garage and subdivision of plot to create one wheelchair accessible dwelling, Gubblecotes, Boyes Lane.

19/02796/TPO, Debbie Harding,various tree works, 19 Whitebeam Close.

Compton and Shawford

20/00003/TPO, William Millar, tree works, All Saints Church, Compton Street.


19/02561/FUL, Andrew Jennings, change of use from domestic garage to self-contained holiday let on part of site, Pound Copse, Botley Road.

19/02732/FUL, Dara Nighadhra, replacement of existing timber clad outbuilding with proposed timber clad outbuilding, Kitnocks House, Wickham Road.


19/02634/FUL, Mr M Gauntlett, replacement of windows and doors, Parklands Business Park, Technology House, Forest Road.

19/02682/HOU, Joseph Jones, single-storey extension to rear and side of existing bungalow, 41 Maple Drive.


19/02834/TPC, Joe Gordon, tree works, Studwell Lodge, South Hill.


19/02831/TPC, Jo Tester, tree works, Village Hall, West Street.

Headbourne Worthy

19/02804/FUL, Mr and Mrs Ashley and Ruth Senna, removal of conditions 7 (Code for Sustainable Homes Code 4 - Design Stage SAP) and 9 (Code for Sustainable Homes Code 4 - As-Built SAP) of application 19/02002/FUL, Chessaumy, School Lane.


19/02737/FUL, John Brooks, alterations to existing single-storey toilet and entrance block to provide disabled facilities. New entrance and porch.

Hursley Masonic Hall, Main Road.

Itchen Stoke and Ovington

20/00004/TPC, Hermione Crosfield, trree works, Ovington Holt, Lovington Lane, Ovington.

Kings Worthy

19/02610/HOU, Richard Waite, new access to serve new dwelling approved under application 17/01017/ful, 150 Springvale Road.

Littleton and Harestock

19/02623/HOU, Joe Fincham, single-storey rear extension and porch to front, 92 Buriton Road.

19/02632/HOU, Mike Coshott, refurbishment and remodelling of detached dwelling including front stair bay, rear two storey infill extensions, rear single storey extension and a new roof with new rear dormer. New detached garage, The Pines, 116 Harestock Road.

19/02805/TPO, Clerk, tree works, Littleton and Harestock Parish Office, The Hall Way.


19/02552/FUL, Mr Loveridge, construction of replacement dwelling and construction of outbuilding (ancillary to the replacement dwelling), The Bungalow, Coxford Farm, Coxford Down.

New Alresford

19/02629/HOU, Boo Ibbotson, removal of existing garage and conservatory and construction of two-storey side extension and single-storey rear extension with internal alterations, 8 Lime Road.


19/02620/FUL, Frances Moyes, demolition of existing dwelling and car-port for the erection of a replacement dwelling with associated re-landscaping work including swimming pool, replacement tennis court and minor extending of residential curtilage, Swarraton Farm, Swarraton.


19/02633/HOU, Mr and Mrs Walton, new front porch, 2 Stone Terrace, Boyatt Lane.


19/02619/LDP, Matthew Daniel, no description was supplied by the Portal, 55 Forest Close, Waltham Chase.

19/02673/HOU, Miss S Walker, erection of conservatory to the rear, 8 Edwards Close.

19/02680/HOU, Mr S Hodges, erection of conservatory to the rear, 7 Edwards Close.

19/02736/FUL, Paul Byng, works, to include formation of new window and door openings, cladding to exterior and landscaping, to facilitate approved change of use from B8 to C3 Use, land west of Gravel Hill, Shirrell Heath.


19/02830/HOU, Mr and Mrs Snelgar, single storey rear extension, 2 Dean Cottage, Church Road, Newtown.

Southwick and Widley

19/02587/LIS, The Southwick Estate, erection of a marble plaque on the south internal elevation of the nave, St James Church, High Street, Southwick.

South Wonston

19/02637/HOU, Mr and Mrs Dennis, demolition of existing conservatory, single-storey side extension, single-storey rear extension, attic conversion with dormer, new rear terrace, Belmont, 12 Orchard Road.

20/00015/TPO, Brian Roscoe, tree works, 26 Waverley Drive.


19/02789/FUL, Flavell, Gibson, variation of plans condition 2 for application 19/01624/FUL - House need to be moved slightly away from the water main, Crabwood Lodge, Sarum Road.


19/02666/HOU, Mr and Mrs Reynolds, two-storey and single-storey extensions and alterations, 62 Orchardlea.

19/02700/OUT, Mr and Mrs Spratt, replacement three-bedroom detached house, Fernhurst, Lower Chase Road, Waltham Chase.


19/02638/HOU, Lynda Kensett, rear single-storey garden room/extension (retrospective), 57 Rosemary Gardens.

19/02650/HOU, Miss Mann, erection of an incidental outbuilding (retrospective), 18 Lovage Road.

19/02710/FUL, Rob Newberry, development of a battery energy storage facility at land off Titchfield Lane, incorporating access road, security fence and associated infrastructure (temporary 25-year permission), land south of Ash Farm, Titchfield Lane, Wickham.


20/00016/TPO, Mr and Mrs Browning, tree works, Park Place, The Rookery, Winchester Road.


19/02595/HOU, Dr Masum Meah, new rear extension to rear with new lounge window, 4 Hyldeborne Road.

19/02598/LDP, Nick Broomfield, hip to gable conversion and dormer to rear elevations, 33 Western Road, Fulflood.

19/02645/AVC, Peter Barton, Five banner signs (2m x 11.2m; 2.2m x 1.15m; 1.6m x 6m, 0.9m x 3.5m; 1.6m x 6m) to advertise the Winchester School of Art 150th Anniversary; one directional sign (0.75 x 1.2) for the art shop, Winchester School of Art Park Avenue Winchester SO23 8DL

19/02648/FUL, Winchester Racquets and Fitness Club, conversion of two existing tennis courts into three. Padel Tennis Courts, Winchester Lawn Tennis And Squash Club, Bereweeke Road.

19/02658/HOU, Cathy Woods, single-storey rear extension, 119 Alresford Road.

19/02659/HOU, Mr and Mrs Derwent Hope, erection of a single garage and store, Orchard House, 3 Christchurch Gardens.

19/02671/FUL, Julian Spice, change of use only from current class of offices B1 to Sui Generis (Spa/Beauty Salon), Trussell House, 23 St Peter Street.

19/02695/HOU, Mr and Mrs , ground floor side and rear extension with associated landscaping, new vehicle access and driveway, loft conversion with the addition of two dormers.

35 Fordington Avenue, Fulflood.

19/02704/LIS, Mr and Mrs R Chandler, external and internal alterations to include; fenestration changes to rear elevation and the creation of new cloak room on ground floor, 14 Colebrook Street.

19/02714/LIS, Alan Finlayson, replacement of existing front door, National Westminster Bank, 105 High Street.

19/02725/HOU, Darren Borras, two-storey front extension; two-storey side extension and part single/part two-storey rear extension to existing dwelling. External alterations to existing materials. Alterations to layout of front driveway with new access, 21 Stockers Avenue, Teg Down.

19/02730/FUL, Mr and Mrs Etherington, new single-storey lean-to porch including accessible WC, 27 St Swithun Street.

19/02738/HOU, Mr and Mrs Dornan, single-storey rear and side wrap around extension with a pitch roof and parapet with grey aluminum bi-folds, 73 Greenhill Road, Fulflood.

19/02757/LDP, applicant not listed, certificate of lawfulness of proposed use or development (CLOPUD) for change of use from B8 to B1(c), Gentian House, Moorside Road, Winnall.

19/02769/HOU, 19/02770/LIS, Paul Hawkins, single-storey extension, and the partial refurbishment of the listed dwelling, 56 Canon Street.

19/02780/TPC, Lucy Lindsay, tree works, 40 St Cross Road.

19/02781/TPC, Mrs Bailey. tree works, St Catherines, 38 St Cross Road.

19/02787/HOU, Matthew Vowels, two-storey side extension and demolition and re-construction of front porch to 13 Francis Gardens, 13 Francis Gardens.

19/02788/TPO, Applicant not listed, tree works, Street Record, Marnhull Rise.

19/02801/LIS, 19/02802/AVC, Ben French, replacement of one existing external ATM sign with one new external ATM sign, 58-59 HSBC High Street.

19/02838/HOU, 19/02839/LIS, Erin and Jamie Brookes, internal and external alterations to dwelling, including demolition and enlargement of rear extension; replace rear doorway to ground floor; enlarge one rooflight; remove and replace stairs to basement; lowering garden levels to create a second basement access. Partial demolition and rebuilding of outbuilding; removal of two apple trees and pruning of 1no. silver birch. (Affects the setting of a listed building), The Old Farmhouse, Cripstead Lane, St Cross.

19/02858/TPC, Stewart Cole, tree works, Gifford House, St Giles Hill.

19/02859/TPC, Stewart Cole, tree works, Limberlost, St Giles Hill.

20/00013/TPC, Nicholas Page, tree works, 1 Grafton Road.


19/02857/TPC, Harriet Blair, tree works, Willow Mead, Grange Road.