ALL national response time targets were hit by South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) over the Christmas and New Year period.

In the two week period from December 20 to January 2, all patient emergencies received by SCAS’ clinical co-ordination centres in Otterbourne, Hampshire, Bicester, and Oxfordshire received an ambulance response within the timescales set out by NHS England that all ambulance services are measured by.

This ranged from category one life-threatening emergencies to category four less urgent emergencies.

Their busiest day in service was New Year’s Day, when they rushed to 1,840 calls.

Mark Ainsworth, director of operations at South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The Christmas and New Year fortnight is an exceptionally busy time for all emergency services and I’m delighted that we were able to continue to deliver excellent clinical care both in person and over the phone, and a responsive and appropriate service to all those patients who called 999 during these two weeks.

“As well as passing on my gratitude to our staff working in our clinical co-ordination centres and on the road, we also received fantastic support right across the South Central area from our volunteer community first responders and co-responders from local fire and rescue services, police services and military personnel.”

Will Hancock, Chief Executive at South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, said: “I’d like to thank all our staff and volunteers for working so hard all year round, and particularly over Christmas and New Year."